One older IMP 001 refuse to connect

I have two older IMP001, one now running fine since more than 2 years .
The other was also running fine , then disconnected a year ago .( mac: 0c2a69000f81 )
This device is now refusing to connect again.
After cleaning of the wifi settings it confirms the blinkup with a solid green for a few seconds but then
locks on the red/amber sequences.
Suddenly I got it connected for a short time earlier today but after a poweroff/on it is now not possible anymore.
I tried with different locations, powersources , imp shields and Android phones … no success.

Where do I go from here?

Via the router I now see that the IMP IS connected to my network and I can ping it.
How can I now get it to connect to IMP Cloud?

That device is upgraded fine and has been online recently. What code do you have assigned to it?

Yes I know but as it suddenly went offline I finally deleted it and tried to
renew it but without success. I can ping it on my local network but it does not show up at all in IDE.
Now and then it starts making red&amber blink.

It was running code that hit a runtime error every 5-6 seconds, which would have caused reconnects. The code since appeared to have been fixed though - still having problems?

Remember the code the imp001 runs depends on the device it is plugged into. If you have other imps, try swapping the troublesome imp into those devices - you don’t have to do anything, they will run the right code automatically.