Older Imps


I been playing around with imp on & off for over 2 years and incredibly only blinked it once (when i first got it: i never reblink it because it still works and also, looking at the blinking issues some users had, do not want to try to reblink, incase); Couple of questions for old imps:

  1. Do I benefit if I reblink it once in a while, or should I presume new SW/OS get pushed to the device automatically and would be the same as reblinking it?
  2. Are there any HW changes to newer imps you purchase now or are the older imps exactly the same HW?


  1. No benefit. If it’s online, it’ll get software updates.

  2. No changes to imp001, no. It’s not recommended for new designs, as we’re not making them any more, but imp002 is essentially identical hardware in a different form factor.

The issues most people have with blinkup are related to old imp001’s - ones built years ago that have not been online since (hence old OS releases that don’t deal with android well). Anything recent is pretty solid IMO… and these old OSes will update automatically when they get online but it’s the whole chicken-and-egg problem…