Offline agent issue

hello, i have some unit that has been offline more than a month and the agent goes offline when i try to connect the device to wifi.
what i want to know:

  1. how long it will take for agent to go offline?
  2. is there any way to extend or remove the offline timer?
  3. how to make the offline agent online except blinkup?

A device’s agent will be shut down if the device has not contacted the impCloud for 30 days. This is not a setting that the developer can change directly.

The agent restarted when the device next comes online, but it’s run as a new instance, so will not have any stored state unless your code persists data using and which you get back with server.load().

More details in the Dev Center

for development device, the agent will be online if i turn on the device (most of time)
but for production device this, the agent will stay offline until i blinkup via bluetooth.
what can i do in this case?

Production devices’ agents do not come online until the device is BlinkUp-ed for the first time — in other words, when the device is activated. After that, if the device goes offline for more than 30 days, the agent will shut down and be restarted when the devices comes back online.

The only way around this is to activate the device in the factory. This will start the agent. The device can then be powered down and packaged for sale. The agent will be shut down after 30 days if the device has not been used (by an end-user) before then. The end-user will still need to BlinkUp in order to send their WiFi details to the device.

Note that monthly billing commences when the device is activated.

More details on factory activation in the Dev Center

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