Obtain data from JSON page

Hi everyone, apologies as I am very new to the imp, as well as coding to be honest.
I’m trying to obtain data from a weather page
For example:

Which sends me a JSON file, but unfortunately I have no idea what I am doing, and not sure how to get the electric imp to read from that file, for example in the file it says “name”:“London”, and say I wanted to output that onto the server log.

I’ve tried searching about it, but since I’m so new to all this nothing I do seems to work :(.
So far I tried adding that page as a GET as a new node and set as JSON.
But unfortunately I don’t understand how that data gets put through to the actual electric imp code (except for just connecting an arrow), and how I can use that data to output say string of the name to server log?
Thanks for any help, and if you have extra information that would be great as well, this is all a learning process for me so the more I know the better :).

if you signed up for the beta firmware, i’ll have a template for you

Really? Because that would be amazing, I’m trying to get my project done in 2 weeks time so a template would make that heaps easier. Unfortunately I only got my imp a few days ago is there any way I can still sign up for the beta? thanks!

Ask Hugo

Thanks heaps DolfTraanberg, I sent an inbox message to Hugo yesterday, so hopefully I get to hear back from him soon :slight_smile:

@DolfTraanberg could you possibly send that to me too?

Much appreciated

I’m not sure what goal you are trying to accomplish. if it is some JSON manupulating and use of google api’s then this might be of use:

–edit: forget about the TEMP DEVICE OLD.TXT. By accident, and cannot delete it…


Apologies that this is so late, but I ended up getting in to the beta all that while ago, which ended up having two templates detailing of what I wanted to do on it.

Honestly I was looking at getting weather information for the Electric Imp and just got very lucky that there was tutorials for it. In any case I was doing this as part of a side project for a course, and basically I got a really awesome mark for it all thanks to you telling me about joining.
So figured I would write a quick thanks heaps man!! And much appreciated for your help!! It really did help me get a good mark and the project went really well because of you :D!!