Does anyone have any suggestions for interfacing with ODB2 with an electric imp? I was able to find some OBD2 to UART converters made for ardruino ( http://freematics.com/pages/products/arduino-obd-adapter ) that could be ported to electric imp. But I wanted to see if anyone else had already made a way to collect information over OBD2.

I haven’t seen it but it would be a good project. you can try looking here:

CAN BUS to rpi

and here

pican board

it looks like the key is this pair of chips

Microchip MCP2515 CAN controller with MCP2551 CAN transceiver

which gets you communication to the CAN BUS which is part of what is in the OBD II connector. You probably should research which vehicle you wish to talk to and note the commands and data you want and find if this will be on the CAN network.

There is also the ELM327 solution and it looks like you found that already.

A think to be cautious of is the volt levels. Arduino solutions are often 5V and that is why I sought a raspberry pi one.

You could have your electric imp log a bit of data as you drive and then when it finds your wifi network (at home) it could upload the data to the agent and further.