Nutkin: a new testing framework for Squirrel


KiWi Power have developed a testing framework for Squirrel code. We’re using this internally to allow unit testing of Device logic, compiling local Squirrel against a stub of the Electric Imp APIs. If you’re a fan of test-driven development, and/or you’ve been looking for a way of running tests on Squirrel code as part of a continuous integration build, this is for you. We’re releasing it under the Apache 2.0 license.

Nutkin provides a range of expectations, in the style of Mocha / Chai. It is a drop-in replacement for SqJasmine, so if you have any existing test you can simply replace the import and gain the advantage of clear test reporting, console output colouring and TeamCity compatibility.

We welcome your feedback, and hope that this makes your Electric Imp application development even more productive!


Gavin Sallery
CTO, KiWi Power Ltd.