Not Found

  • New (developer ed )Imp and April board.

  • First time flashed with IOS (iPAD).

  • Planner ‘sees’ new IMP, and shows ‘blank’ on sheet.

  • Imp Flashes slow Green (after red/orange on boot up) - as expected ?

  • Hello World code uploaded to Planner

  • Clicking on ‘Settings’ on ‘Blank’ IMP in planner shows code name, and the IMP was last connected a few seconds ago

  • Clicking ‘edit’ and I get a simple screen ‘Not Found’ - when I expect to see ability to link to IMP.

  • I then ‘removed node’ - and cant find it again.

@jonandel - the ‘Not Found’ is a known bug in our planner. The planner requires you to have at least two code modules before it will work. To get around the issue, create an empty code module called “Bug Fix” (or whatever you want), then create a another on for your actual code.

For more details, check out our getting started page on the dev wiki.

OK - Thanks just got there too !
interestingly, when ‘bug fix’ was the second item it didn’t work… removing and rereating was fine…

oh, and removing the node it got re-created a little while after too…

Glad to hear you got it sorted :slight_smile:

Im starting to see the “Not Found” message when logging into the planner. I usually have to refresh the screen or remove the ide path from the url to get to the planner.

Anyone else having this issue? Started maybe a week ago. Been using the planner for a since may.

Edit: happens in both chrome and firefox

Yes, me too. My previous post about this is unanswered. I erase /ide to get in.

I also saw that problem yesterday with a freshly Blinked imp.

This is a known issue - we’re currently in the process of transitioning our backend service, and it’s causing a couple odd errors like this.

If you’re seeing “Not Found” after you login, please use the following login link:

Logged on today and there is no link to the Planner where it usually is.
Anybody know if this is just a temporary blip?

Planner is now considered a legacy tool, and should not be used for projects. See our latest blog post for more details!