Nora - initial bring up

I just got my Nora dev board, and to get started, I borrowed the blinking light example from the imp001. In this code, it is using pin 9 to flash the LED. In looking at the Nora schematics, the Green LED is connected to pin 3 and the Red LED is connected to pin 4 of the imp Module. I changed led <- hardware.pin9 to led <- hardware.pin4 to support the Nora board schematics. The code checks out, but when I download the code to the Nora board, I receive the message ERROR: the index ‘pin4’ does not exist. Is the schematics incorrect or am I making some coding error?

List your device code.
I don’t think the error is hardware … it’s programming.

Could I have set up the IDE incorrectly for my Nora dev board? If it thought it was an imp001, then pin 3 and 4 would not exist.

Here is my code:
server.log(“Just starting”);

// Create a global variable called ‘led’ and assign the ‘pin9’ object to it
// The <- is Squirrel’s way of creating a global variable and assigning its initial value
led <- hardware.pin4;

// Configure ‘led’ to be a digital output with a starting value of digital 0 (low, 0V)
led.configure(DIGITAL_OUT, 0);

// Create a global variable to store current state of 'led’
state <- 0;

function blink() {
server.log(“entering blink routine”);
// Invert the value of state:
// when state = 1, 1-1 = 0
// when state = 0, 1-0 = 1
state = 1 - state;

// Write current state to 'led' (which is pin4)

// Schedule the imp to wakeup in 0.5 seconds and call blink() again 
imp.wakeup(0.5, blink);


// Start the loop

I have learned that the onboard Red and Green LEDs are not accessible via user code, so the issue is that the system does not allow access to these LEDs. Thank you for the help.

Yes, you need to add your own components (LED, buttons, switches, relays, etc)