(non)Unique DeviceId

Hi Everyone.
I just got two Imp001s and a single April breakout board.
Both are blinked up correctly and execute sample code from “Getting Started: Agents and Internet apps” properly.
The problem I have is that both Imps report the same DeviceId.
I can see only one imp in IDE.
Also i added “server.log(hardware.getdeviceid());” line to the code on device side and it reports the same device id for both imps.
devices have different mac addresses (verified on my router).

I cannot connect them both at the same time at the moment, but maybe that would change Deviceid for any of them?

@Tomek - The device ID is associated with the April card, not the Imp-001’s. You can refer to @Hugo’s Dec. 9 post in this thread. (Yes, if you get a second April - or alternate device - then both devices will show in the IDE).

@LarryJ is spot on, @Tomek. An imp001 takes the identity of the device into which it is inserted, whether that’s an April breakout board or some other product. Since the imp001 can’t actually do much without a device to hold it and supply power etc, this does make sense, and really comes into its own when you’re working with a solder-down imp, such as the imp002 or imp003.