No led blinking when I plug in the Imp

I have a custom board to which i slot in my Imp. Power up the board and no leds glow (no red, no green, no yellow). The board is correct as I have another Imp that when plugged in shows a solid red light and no changes.

Is anybody aware of a reset mode for the imp or a way to get it back to a shape when I can see some led blinks and re-blink it?

Thx for you help

Tried to re-blink it several times using the iPhone app but nothing. The first one does not show any LED lit, the second is solid red.

Four SD cards and all have the same issue. The reference design with Jane the SD card plugged in starts blinking and after flashing it shows up in the planner.

Plugin the same SD Card into the new PCB designed with enhancements of three inputs in it and the card is does not have any led glow and after that the same card would not work with the reference design as well.

Does any body have any idea how to know see if the SD card is dead or not? Extremely disappointing to sit helpless without having any idea of what is failing.

Any help would be appreciated.

This sounds like you have a hardware issue; I would consult the people who built the boards who can help troubleshoot this for you.

The fact the card doesn’t work after plugging it into your new board likely means the new board is destroying it, which sounds like there is a problem with the build.