No Impees tab in planner

I had my IMP001 working about a year ago on a different network. I started it up yesterday and commissioned the IMP on my current network and everything looks fine on the hardware side.

When I logged into the planner there is no Impee tab and 0 new devices. There were 3 inactive models from last year. There is one model (again from last year) that has my impee number under it. When I clicked on it, it opened the code page. I clicked on build and run and the code started to generate log data.

When I clicked on one of the inactive models the only options were save or delete and I can’t add a new model because there is no impee indicated to associate it with.

I logged into the old blueprint planner and it DOES have an impee tab and my impee number is in there.

I’ve searched the forums and couldn’t find a solution. I’ve deleted the inactive models but that didn’t help.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

The impee tab is the old deprecated blueprint stuff, so it’s expected that this won’t appear.

Are you wanting to switch the impee to a new model? If so, click the cog next to the impee name and pick a different model to associate it to (you can create a new model here too)

Thanks Hugo - that’s the tip I needed. I totally missed the “disappearing” cog next to my Imp ID.