No delete noodle button

When in planner mode, select a noodle to delete.
The only option you have is the delete node, which is greyed out, but clicking on delete node does delete the noodle.

Pressing the delete key at the point the noodle is highlighted (red) should delete it.

I’m using Firefox and pressing the delete key does not delete it.
Which browser are you using?

Can’t delete node using delete button on Firefox v14.0.1, Safari 5.1.7 and latest version of Chrome.  Have to delete one node to delete noodle.

It must be a bug then.
If I select the noodle and it turns red, I can click the greyed out “delete node” button and it deletes the noodle just fine.

Yes, it is a bug. Thanks!

For me (using Chrome) the Delete key has never worked, but the Backspace key deletes both noodles and nodes with no problem.

Fen Consultants, UK

Hey guys,

This should be fixed now. Thanks for the report!