Nine minute snooze after failed connection - just wondering

Hi Awesome Imp people,

Is the nine minute snooze on the IMP taken from bedside alarm clocks? If so I think it’s a fascinating link back to old mechanical clocks that used a nine minute snooze because of cogs and gears.

I think peter decided on 9 minutes, but that was a long time ago. Peter?

Though most commercial users override this default behaviour, the point of this was to not kill battery powered devices if the internet or wifi went away for a bit.

It was just because trying for a minute before giving up seemed a reasonable amount of time, and trying once every ten minutes seemed a reasonable interval, and ten minus one is nine.


I was hoping for an IMP nine minute story with links to the past via clocks similar to the (dubious) linking of the space shuttle’s booster rockets via Roman chariots to the width of two horses’ backsides.

The IMP name does give a nod to the past so that’s a nice story in itself.