Newbie: IMp & Raspberry Pi

Apologies if this has been addressed somewhere else. Just unwrapped this thing. Connects great, but what I am looking to do is this:

have the IMP pass the wifi info to a connected raspberry pi, so that it can join the network the Imp is configured to join.

Is this possible? Really, any interplay between the Pi and Imp would be helpful to hear about.

You can’t do this directly. The Imp only talks to the Agent in the cloud. However if your Pi is also connected to the internet, you can connect it to the Agent and exchange data.

Robv did a Raspberry jam showing the imp connected when the it first launched.

I don’t believe what you want to do is possible. I think Rob used the serial port on both devices to communicate. Having just had to use a Pi in place of an imp I’m sorely tempted to see if can combine them in a meaningful way.

through serial. You could pass ssid and the password if you are hard-coding your own wifi setup. If you stored the password with blink-up I doubt it would be accessible.

many things are possible with the imp; what are you adding with pi?

I have done my imp machines as headless and use a web app to track their operation.

You do not have programatic access to the network password that the imp is connected to.

This was a design decision very early on intended to prevent developers from creating products that scrape SSID and password information from every single device they deploy.

On a side note - I would love to see projects that combine the imp and RPi (or the imp and anything else) - I have no idea what they would look like, but we have a pretty creative community!

I was afraid of that. The Pi is serving video up that I program remotely, and needs to have web access to do so. Can the Imp act as the wifi adapter to the pi, without directly telling the wifi info to the pi? End result needs to be to pi (locked away inside an enclosure) having web access, with the end user enabling with BlinkUp.
Any ideas?

no ideas but one question why can’t the pi sever the web content?

Do you mean ‘serve’ the web content? It can, and does just fine when I am able to set up the wifi on it. But (and I should have spelled this out earlier) I need to be able to send this to people and have them configure it themselves. The level of user engagement will not provide for them plugging in a keyboard, starting a gui, etc.

So, I thought the imp would provide a simpler solution, where the user could use blink up and away they’d go. Is anyone out there sure that it can’t be used as a wifi card to a connected device? If the pi could use it like it uses a router, that would suit me alright.

Thanks for patience and help.

The imp isn’t designed to be a wifi card, and won’t work well (at all) for that purpose.

So, in reading this entry:

I see that the SSID can be read, but as stated, the password cannot. Would it be possible for the imp to pass the network ID to the pi, then receive the password via some other means (email, text, etc) and pass that on to the pi, so that the pi might assemble these into a working connection? Couldn’t that work?

For instance, I could have a user blink up, which would throw the network to the pi, then they could provide the password to me, which I could in turn provide to the imp agent, which would in turn hand that to the pi.


Imp wifi is only for Imp communication with the Agent.
Nothing else.

Can you set up the pi as an access point? The person could attach to that, enter some stuff and then reconfigure. not sure where the imp is in all of this. just a hypothesis… I haven’t done anything like this but I am aware of products that first present themselves as the access point and later connect to an access point.