New to Electric Imp - able to blink up, but has been doing short and long green for hours

I can see the imp connected to my router so it looks like it connected fine. According to the blink codes that looks like it is verifying the firmware update, but it was stuck doing that for a couple of hours. I finally gave up and ejected the card (april board) and put it back in. It cycled through some colors, then back to the green flashes, short then long, over and over. I let it do that for a few more hours. It won’t show up in my planner and I can’t find anything else to try.

That’s the symptom of an early imp firmware revision running into a buggy DNS relay in a router (the router is returning an incorrect DNS lookup). The bug is worked around in later revisions of the impOS, but obviously you need to upgrade first! (upgrades take no more than a couple of minutes)

If you have a DNS relay option in your router, try turning it off, rebooting the card, and then you can re-enable it after it’s updated.

That did the trick, thank you!