New on impCentral: 2.0.0-preview-7

New Features

  • Added Production Device Group Settings, i.e. to configure when blessed devices receives application code and webhooks


  • Added default sort on the new Last Enrolled column to devices lists so the device recently enrolled will be seen on top of the list

  • The online/offline readout in the Status column of device lists is now colored green/red, respectively.

  • Improved access to production devices:

    • Added a Devices action to the Manage column in Production Device Groups lists.
    • Moved the devices icon in the side navigation column to the top of the column.
  • Improved device list view to be more relevant to user:

    • Removed Owner column from the My Development Devices list.
    • Removed Account column from the Account Development Devices list.
    • Removed Account, Product and Application Workspace columns from Application Workspaces Devices lists.
    • Removed Owner, Account, Product and Production Device Group columns from Production Devices lists.
    • Removed Owner, Account, Product and Factory Device Group columns from Factory BlinkUp Fixtures lists.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the log to stop after 50 seconds under the Edge browser.
  • Fixed an issue causing certain views to be reloaded unnecessarily.

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