New on Beta: IDE 1.48

Electric Imp Developers:

We have just updated the IDE Public Beta to v1.48, which is now available at

It has the following bug fixes -

  • ‘Build’ menu indicator now correctly indicates the selected build.
  • Fixed a shared account model selection issue for Administrator collaborators.
  • Fixed an issue in which a collaborator was incorrectly notified of a model’s new build when not viewing that model.
  • The UI now correctly updates when an unassigned device is assigned to a model.
  • Actions available to production models are now correctly enabled.
  • Accounts with at least one device now correctly show the ‘Build’ button on models with no assigned devices.
  • Reassigning a device while in model code view now takes you to the newly assigned model’s code.

As always, we welcome your feedback and comments — please post them in this forum (you can come here straight from the IDE Public Beta by clicking on the Electric Imp logo and hitting the ‘Provide Feedback’ button. Please include in the post the beta version you are testing (1.48) so we can reproduce and address your concerns accordingly.

The Electric Imp Team

When I use 1.48.0 IDE or the current 1.48.0 beta on Mac Safari (Version 10.0.3 (12602.4.8) now, when viewing a specific model with device logs window and trace window.

Every time I choose another device to view that log, the view changes from agent/device nut side by side to above each other. Full screen or not.

There is no polite way to convey how irritating this is even in the short run, sorry. I guess I am the only one who use the IDE side by side view…

I’m not seeing that issue in Safari, @Thrmtht. I have the code panes side by side, and switching between devices doesn’t change that.

That said, I’m on Safari 10.1 (12603., so I would suggest that you update Safari and see. You might also want to try deleting the IDE’s cookie (Preferences > Privacy > Manage Web Site Data…), but I would certainly try upgrading first.