New model how?

Sorry if this dumb question but how do you create a NEW model?

I believe this is done under Device Settings, although I can see “Or create a new model” that is not active try selecting new model from the bottom of the drop down menu. And then change its name in “Or create a new model”

Nigel thanks,
you used to be able to create a model with out pining it to an imp [device]

Yup. One of the changes in the new IDE is that when you’re editing firmware you’re doing it in the context of a specific device you’re developing with. As such, models without any devices have un-editable firmware. This makes more sense in the context of an existing model that has had all devices removed from it, but less sense with a brand new model where you want to write most of the code framework before bringing a physical device into the mix.

Consequently at the moment we tie the model creation process in to the device configuration process. This may change later on.


Thanks have started to do offline dev in external IDE will keep with that.

Wow, that was completely unfindable, glad I found this thread.

Changes are coming that will make this a lot easier @tacoe :slight_smile: