New impee doesn't run program when only one program exists

I just got an Imp/Impee. I went through the Hello World example to create a program. In the planner, I saw my node with the label BLANK. I clicked the settings icon. The drop-down shows my program is selected but it is not running. If I click on it, it still does not run. To work around this, I created another program. Now the drop-down shows both programs and when I click on the new one, it runs immediately. If I select the old one now, it also runs correctly. Seems to be a Javascript issue not selecting a default item from the drop-down.

BTW, using an April Impee and Chrome on Mac

Same thing happened to me. After adding a second program, it runs correctly.

Turns out this is because the blank firmware is no longer listed after one of the migrations. It’s very annoying and we’ll get it fixed.