New IDE UI Feature Request - Collapsable Sidebar

I am just about to start testing the new IDE (so far it looks really good, I think it will be a significant improvement) but the first thing I noticed was how the coding window has gotten smaller width wise. I very much like how you can easily collapse Agent, Device, and Logs and would like to request that you could do the same with the sidebar full of models and devices to increase the size of the code window.

Along that same note - it might be nice to have multiple models expanded to reveal their devices at the same time. However, I haven’t really come up with the use case yet…

Thanks for all of your hard work! Everything looks great so far!

A few other things I’ve noticed in early testing:

First can Agent log output be made a different color (maybe a yellow?) than the device log output? It’s easy to get lost at what you’re looking at even in the example posted by Tom.

Second, there is no way to “pause” log scrolling like in the old IDE. If you have scrolled up to view a particular section of log output and a new message comes in, the log will scroll to the very bottom.

Great feedback. Thanks!

One piece of future functionality is the ability to pop out panels, so you could have a window that’s just the firmware, just the agent code, or just the logs (or all three in separate windows). As for simultaneous use, I think you can have different models open in different windows. A valuable use case there would be if two devices were tied together and you wanted to watch two logs simultaneously.

Differentiating the color of Agent output is a great idea. I’ll add it to the list.

As for log scrolling, we were just talking about that in the office. Work will be done here, too.

Thanks, and keep the feedback coming!

Run time error contrast - Red on grey hard to read for me!
Have to put my reading glasses on :frowning: