New error code?

just encountered an 'imp restarted : reason : memory error"

2015-05-19 17:56:59 UTC+2 [Exit Code] imp restarted, reason: memory error

I’ve seen many ‘out of memory’ errors, but this one is new. What does it indicate ?

That’s the impOS trapping an internal error. If it’s reproducible we’d be very interested to see your device code. What’s the mac address of your imp?

MAC address = 0c2a69052418
I’ll send the agent/device code in a support ticket, but be warned, it’s 12000 lines of code…I’ll comment in the ticket where I feel the error may have occurred.

Can you make sure to attach the code to the ticket as a file? The support system doesn’t format inline code particularly well… :wink:

sure…would be a bit long to put inline

(I’d also suggest, for anyone searching threads, trying release 32. There were bugs in previous versions that could have triggered a memory error)

Thanks for the detailed support ticket. It does indeed look like a bug we have already addressed in release 32, so as Hugo suggests you could try that. Let us know the mac addresses of any imps you would like to nominate for an upgrade.

thx. Good to know it will be solved with the upgrade. I’ll stick with the current release on my main dev setup for now to be able to know when I pass the 100% mark…I already have one of my other dev imps on R32 to test this.