New Documentation! Context is king: how to use Squirrel’s ‘this’, call() and bindenv()

Our latest Developer Guide has just been published: a discussion of how Squirrel functions’ hidden parameter, ‘this’ and the context objects that are automatically fed into it – plus how you make use of Squirrel’s call() and bindenv() functions to apply your own context object:

Context is King

Thanks smittytone, very helpful indeed. The stuff about precedence is a genuine shock, and feels counter-intuitive. Electric Imp definitely has the best Squirrel documentation resource on the Internet now.
Are there any more guides in the pipeline? May I put in a vote for a guide on robust error handling that will cover how Electric Imp manages the error callback and more detail on try/catch, assert and possibly pcall/pacall? As more of us experiment with offline operation of the imp, it’s essential that we catch everything that could go wrong and take appropriate action.

Good suggestion, @coverdriven. I’ll add it to my list