New devices don't appear quickly

In the old IDE when you blinked up a new device for the first time it would appear pretty instantly in the list. Now I find I have to refresh the whole app (via the browser) in order to see newly blinked devices. Anyone else experiencing this?

+1 - same issue on Chrome for Windows with the latest IDE

I’ve noticed the online/offline status doesn’t get updated either. Also need a manual refresh.

Any feedback here, do I need to submit a bug report or something?

Is it partly due to downloading new impOS to the devices before they appear in the ide? The blink up light stays green, which is why I thought it is related to OS download/install. I remember devices used to appear quickly, but now it takes minutes.

Paging @kenny

That is correct @jamesb.

We recently have a new impOS update so when any new device blinks up, they would download the latest impOS version which might take a moment to be appear on the IDE. Our QA team has done a test here in Los Altos and it took about 90 seconds to show up.

@deldrid1 Are you still seeing this as well? (And do you think it’s an upgrading issue like Kenny suggested?)

@jdelaune - can you provide us more pointer what you saw or if you are still experiencing that recently? We have tested internally

  • a device going from offline to online, the status change on IDE takes 1 second or 2
  • a device going from online to offline -
    • by issuing imp.sleep(), IDE reflects it also within a few seconds.
    • by unplugging or other events like network become unavailable, it can take up to 2-5 minutes for IDE

Just tested again today and it seems the issues I had aren’t happening anymore. So all good. Thanks