New blog post: web-based remote serial terminal

Been meaning to get round to doing this for ages… pretty neat (and very useful for devops people!)

This is simply awesome ! Can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself when spending hours & many euros investigating UART to Ethernet devices accessed through a VPN simply to allow remote monitoring of the 3 UARTs on our embedded development platform.
2 things I’m gonna try right away as a fork to the code :

  • using all 3 uart ports on an IMP005 (or all 4 on the 004 :slight_smile: connecting multiple ports through an <agenturl/portN url
  • enhancing the functionality to include protocol decoding. Rather then simply display binary data flows (2 of the 3 busses exchange such data), the agent can easily do real time interpretation of the data and display it in human readible format…
    Very exciting !

Oh, that sounds good!

I can’t actually believe it took me this long to get round to hooking something up - the final straw was someone pointing out xtermjs to me. I’d done some one-way logging before, just appending to the DOM, but it was kinda janky…