New Blinkup app -- seems far more reliable

I don’t know if it’s yesterday’s update or just a good day for me, but I’ve Blinked up (via an iPhone) successfully on the first try every time today. That’s certainly not my typical experience in the past (usually had to shut lights off in the room and often still had to try several times). So…I’ll express my gratitude for the improvement! Since we’re about to go to the field with several installations, this (hopefully) indicates we’ll have an easier time in the field, too.

Don’t believe there were any significant changes there, just small tweaks.

You do have to ensure that ambient light doesn’t get into the sensor, which means covering the side on unhoused devboards, but that generally doesn’t affect blinkup for housed products. I tend to get at least 19/20 blinkups on an iPhone - ie, it’s very rare that I see a failure - and have done for years now. Then again, I do it a lot :slight_smile:

Maybe my iPhone is special but blinkup is never an issue for me either. Rare for me to have to do it twice even with the old app. I mostly use custom boards without an enclosure so the phototransistor is exposed to ambient light during blinkup.

I also have real problems trying to blink up with iPhone 5S (experimented with ambient light a lot - did not help). I always have to revert to using an iPad.

Really? That’s something I’ve never heard. Ambient light is unimportant as long as you’re covering the side of the card. Are you?

The app crash in my android phone. Can i fix this? How, Please help me because i need to configure my device. Thankyou

More details on your phone and OS version?

I try in several devices, all they have android, some ICS and JB. This is the list: SonyEricsson WT19i, HUawey G510, Galaxy Tab 7’’, Xperia Z, Gtech Tablet 7’’, Tablet Samsung 10’’, Smart phone BLUE (i dont remember the model) and a Motorolla Smart Phone (i don’t know the model). And everyone of them i install the app from Play Store, log in and configure the wifi network, and the app crash when i hit the “send blinkup” button. I dont have any apple device to try. I don’t know what to do :’( Please help me. Thank you.

Is there anything strange about your devices, like custom ROMs or anything? We’ve never had crash reports from any customers previously. You are downloading the latest version from the play store?

Is there anything strange about your wifi network name or password (non-ASCII characters, etc?)

Sorry for my english, i hope you can understan me well. Not really, i try in different places, with different wifi networks, the devices doesn’t have custom ROMs, only the officials. some name of the wifi networ are VIRUS, CONCEPTO and TBGA_ANUBIS. Is strange, because in all the devices when you hit the button, appear a message “the app close” Notify or accept. I only install the app from play store, using diferrents account (the device owner). If you have any idea please tell me and i try anything. Thank you

Hi Hugo, this is an update. I try this morning with two others smartphones, a Samsung galaxy S3 mini and a Samsung galaxy grand duo. Install the electric imp from Play Store, run the app and log in using my electric imp account. Configure the wifi network TBA_ANUBIS, write the password wich is 10 numbers and hit the button “Send blinkup”. At first seems all is ok, but two seconds later the app stops, like the others time, both smartphone have android ICS official and it’s not be root. See my friend, the app don’t work in android. By the way i’m in Colombia and maybe that can be an ishue? Please if you know what can i do, please tell me. Thank you again and im sorry for the troubles.

I’m really confused, but have no idea how to debug this given it only appears to affect you.

If you try the simpler buttons, like clear configuration, does that work? If you just enter “a” as the wifi name and “b” as the password, does that work?

Hi Hugo, this is confused me a lot. I try what you say, i put “a” in the wifi name and “b” for password, and the app stop again. I finally talk with a friend who have an IPhone 4, he download the app from the store and started, i log in and configure a network, when i hit the “send Blinkup” button the app minimize and doesn’t start again, the same problem with an Ipad. So i wonderer if maybe the problem is in my account. It’s that possible? Thank you so much for your help.

That sounds like the app is crashing, @emer31. The point at which this happens is when the app is trying to talk to the server to get the token and planID it needs to send over to the imp via BlinkUp. I would check your device’s internet connectivity, and your router, to make sure this access isn’t being blocked in some way. The fact you have problems with the Android app at this same point suggests to me the problem lies not with app or server but somewhere between.

That said, I would expect the app to pause at this point, not to crash, so I would also close down other apps that are running (to eliminate any potential memory issues).

You should also make sure the iPhone 4 is running iOS 5.1.1 or above, which the Electric Imp app requires. I don’t know if the app is happy to run on a jailbroken iPhone, so you might want to check if that’s the case too.