New Battery Powered Imp and no lights

I have just received my new battery powered imp.

After I installed the two AA batteries and turned the switch on I get no LED lights?

Is this faulty? Anything I missed?

Which one? We have several, ie. impExplorer and Battery Powered Sensor Node. For the former, you’ll need to slot in the white SD card. When powered up, it’ll blink orange. The BPSN will do the same from the get go. The impExplorer can also be powered by mini USB cable, if you want to confirm that it’s a battery issue.

Tone, its the BPSN.

I have tried with new AA batteries. No lights with button in either position (close to 7B or farthest away)

To be honest, that sounds faulty. They are 100% tested before shipping, but please contact and ask about a replacement.

Update on this, I believe it was root caused to a bad joint on the blinkup LED (possibly a bit too much friction on the fit with the housing).