New Android app - Can't change worng password

I started the Electic Imp app just now and find that it has been “upgraded.”

I think I entered the WiFi password incorrectly and saved the WiFi credentials. Now I can find no way to view or change the password. I was trying to demo an Imp and now I am stuck without a WiFi connection.

Also there are several more steps to go through which is a massive pain. Can I have the old app back please?


It’s easy to change:

  • configure a device
  • tap change network
  • re-enter your network name
  • re-enter your password
  • select “save network settings”

That’s it. The app does not allow you to view the previous saved password - that’d be a nasty leak for someone joyriding your phone - but you can overwrite it. If you’re worried about typing it correctly, tap the eye next to the password field and it’ll show the password as you enter it.