NetIO Controller Application

While a number of people are working on IOS/Android Imp controllers, I would like to mention an app for IOS and Android called NetIO.
For Android, it can be found in the play store.
The website can be found here:

Wow, that is fantastic, and looks to be worth every penny of the $7.99. I had searched for apps like that before and not found it. I think I’ll try to find things that it doesn’t do and focus on some of those for IoT Buddy.

Mmm, $7.99 ??
That’s not the same as €3.49 what I had to pay…

What is the exchange rate right now? They might have a different price for a store in the EU?

€1.00 =$1.33 -> €3.49 = $4.65

I am the developer of the app and the price is different in the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore…

if you need some help I’d be happy to assist or add some features in future versions! I never heard of electric imp and it seems very nice! Would be great to see the NetIO app working.

Ahh, that makes sense.
Welcome dme, I think your app may have a great future on this platform

@dme Why is the Apple version $7.99 vs. $3.82 for the Android version?
By the way, the app works great with the Imp. Good job! It took me a while to figure out the Connection settings (have to specify port 80 with http). One comment: it would be nice to have a page background color attribute in addition to background image and https.

thanks for your your feedback! the price is different, because there are more competitor apps on the Google Play Market than on iOS, so it is harder to get attention… I know this seems a little bit unfair, but with the current prices we hardly get back the development costs and since this is a private project, we won’t get any money besides selling in the stores… however, if you have some cool projects which you would like to share maybe on the project site on the netio website, I can drop some promocodes so you get the app for free…

@osherl since this is not the only forum with discussions around this app, it would be great if you can put feature requests into feature request forum:

Thanks a lot and let me know if you have any other issues besides the connection!

@dme It’s a shame that the ability to make money in the app stores is so low. Most people don’t realize the time and cost that goes into them. Maybe Apple could take less than 70% since they have 178 billion in spare change these days, no? :slight_smile: The Apple development tools are definitely worth the $100, but the incentive to sell seems low. I develop apps for the organization that I work for so they go out ad-hoc, but I’d love to work free-lance one of these days.
Keep up the good work.

yes, thats right. thanks for your understanding! (btw, apple takes 30% , not 70% ) … and yes, its fun developing for iOS . objective-c is a powerful programming language!

Hi osherl
you wrote that the imp works great with netio
I have some problems to handle the commands from netio in the http.onrequest handler.
How did you solved that ?
How is the command netio sends and how did you parse that command in the http.onrequest handler ?
Did you have any code snippets or answers for me.
Thanks in forward

I’ve solved it, will write a short tutorial as soon as possible

I can’t wait…
in the meantime, would you please post some code?

@Joergtiedemann Sorry for the delay… Here is what I do.

UI-Designer Connection setup:
Host: (without http:// or https://)
Port: This is required. I use 80 but it works with 0. @dme: this should be optional.
Protocol: http (https is an option but it’s not implemeted in the iPhone app, not sure about Android).

For the item (button, slider, etc.) define a “sends” or “release” attribute, something like this:


And here is the very simple Agent code:

http.onrequest(function(request, response) { local q = request.query; // foreach(idx, val in q) server.log(idx+"="+val+"\ "); if ("slider1" in q) { server.log(q.slider1); } response.send(200, "OK"); });

Thanks for sharing, but I’m still missing something. I simply can’t establish a connection between my android app and the agent, not even a sign of life…

Try server.log(request.path);
What do you get?

I wish I came that far.
I can’t get a connection to be captured from NetIO
This is the (pretty basic) agent code I use:
server.log("access me via "+http.agenturl()); http.onrequest(function(request, response) { server.log("something is trying to connect..."); response.send(200, "OK, it works..."); });
I’m gonna look for an other android device, because I read something about incompatible devices

mh, only android devices which have a rooted OS are sometimes a little tricky. Which device do you have? Which OS is installed? and are there any special os modifications?

try to add a button and define the ‘reads’ attribute. If there is a connection problem, the button will show you ERR3 …

please also double check your connection in the ‘general’ - tab of the ui-designer. did you define the ‘protocol’ attribute (you can add this with the ‘add attribute’ dropdown) and set this to http?

osherl is right, https is currently not implemented in iOS… : / sorry about that.

if you send me your configuration id, I can check if there is something wrong with your configuration (you find the id in the url, if the config is open)

I use a rooted HTC Wildfire, because I use it with Eclipse.
How do I define the reads attribute?
protocol set to http, port set to 80.
config id = 6260
btw how do I delete user configs?