NeoPixel Stick - 8 x WS2812 5050 RGB LED Hookup?

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Hi there.
Is there a example tutorial on how to connect this 8xRGB light stick to IMP?
The idea is to control individual REG LED element in the stick to make a “glow-flow”. color of the LED’s could be 1-Wire temperature based…

Tutorial does not have schematics but the connection board with some resistor boards… It’s difficult to understand…

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Thank you.

Yep, the article needs updating for the latest version of the WS2812 library. Whether ring or strip, the pixels are accessed by index 0 through x, so just change this line in the device code:

const NUMPIXELS = 16;


const NUMPIXELS = 8;

Hi! Thank you for the Reply.

So I could purchase e.g. 64 pieces of “LED - SMD RGB (WS2812)” components and solder them into a long strip? Wouldn’t that requires quite a bit of power? is there are HW Driver for this?

or… actually, isn’t there a roll-able strip of these smd leds… just cut and solder few wires :slight_smile:

Yep, that’ll do the job. You’ll need to watch your power story. I’ve run 16 NeoPixels from an imp with a 3V3 -> 5V level shifter, but 64 Neopixels may require powering separately (with the level shifter just handling the data input line).

You’ll also want our WS2812 library for your device code.

Ok… But If I have just 4x these LED - SMD RGB (WS2812) units, everything should be fine with just the IMP powering it (BAT port will have 6.8VDC)

Those LED components just needs to be soldered as a chain I suppose… There is a Breakout that provides a bit help…

The imp takes in VBAT and drops it to 3.3V for it’s use. The WS2812 requires ~5V and can not run from 6.8V or 3.3V (running from 6.8V will likely damage the WS2812 and the level translator) so you will need another power converter to drop 6.8V down to 5V

Something like this one should work: