My new "imp 20x4 LCD Shield"

Hello guys,

I’m super excited to showcase my new board, builded around the Electric Imp card. I created a shield that plugs into any 20x4 LCD to display crucial data from remote APIs. In my case I wanted to display informations about my mobile apps, and I created a mini dashboard that display the data that I cared about such as “Current version, App Ratings, Size of the app, last released date, etc…”. That’s how this board was born, and i’m trilled to see how other people will use it for .

Here is a sample video that showcase the board:
imp 20x4 LCD Shield Youtube Video

I hope you guys like it too and provide any feedback


Eddie Espinal

Do you have a projected cost for a completed shield? It looks expensive. For the cost of SMS texting, like Twilio, anyone could have crucial data texted to their smartphones, at any time, without needing to be where the imp is. If a person has their own website, they don’t even need the imp, or any hardware for that matter.

Your build looks really nice though, very professional board construction.

Where did you get this board made from? Looks great!

@mlseim yeah the cost is very high right now specially because I only made a few, so just in parts I spend $30 & printing the board was $50 for 3. I don’t know how much the final cost will be if I get to mass produce it, I know it will won’t be that much if the parts price goes down with quantity.

@tguidon I designed the board with a friend and it was printed by I did the assembly for this one, which took me about 3 hours soldering it.

Thanks both for the complements.

Worth looking at - board fab there is very attractively priced, good quality, and fast. We use it all the time for our prototype boards.

Cool, thanks @hugo, I was hopping to find a cheaper way to assemble them, because I tried getting a quote from and they were super expensive.

I will give a try and see if they can create a few for me.

For assembly there is also Seeed Fusion. For US customers they have this option