My imp(s) lost wifi connection

I had one of my imps drop off my wifi last night and now it won’t reconnect. I have two others that won’t connect now either. All of the imps blinkup successfully. I reset the APs and they continue to work fine; them imps are the only devices that are having trouble. They also won’t connect to my phone with wifi tethering configured.

I am getting the “BlinkUp successful” green light, then the “Joining WiFi network” red blinks for a handful of or so iterations then the imp goes quiet.

Where should I look next? The rest of the system works as expected, so I strongly suspect the imp.


Wifi Channel? Are you using the imps outside of the US?

I am in the US. I have my APs set to auto-negotiate the channel; the imps have been working with this configuration for over a year, and I haven’t even touched them for months until I restarted them today. Maybe I’ll mess about with the channels

As @coverdriven notes, check the AP is on a valid US wifi channel (1-11).

I’ve had this myself. The auto channel selection works great for months and months, always selecting an imp-friendly channel, ie. 1-11 as @hugo says. Then suddenly for no reason it decides to choose 13, and my imps won’t connect. I now keep a guest network at a fixed channel for my imps.

Since you’re in the US, your AP shouldn’t go to 13, but that’s what it might be doing.

Who/what defines the geographical region of the IMP? Is it something that can be set during blessing? Is it preprogrammed? Is it derived from the internet connection?

Check out imp.setcountry(), for use in your factory firmware.

Ineresting, that function is not in the list on this page Shouldn’t it be there?

Possibly. The main API documentation has historically lacked the items only of relevance to commercial partners in order to prevent free developer account holders from incorrectly assuming that the functionality was available to them to use too. I think we’re probably beyond that now. Other ‘Factory API’ methods are listed here.

So now they just started working. hm. I moved them to a different network, they connected. Then I re-blinked them back to the original network. They work fine there again as well! I did verify that the APs are only using valid channels. I wonder if something arp-ish happened and the arp cahce aged the bad entries out?

Thanks for the help y’all. :slight_smile: