Murata imp005 WiFi board

Hi, I started new project with imp005 board (usb video camera is connected to the board). In the project I need to run imp005 as WiFi access point. Smartphone like iPhone should connect to the device via WiFi. Once connected imp005 should send video stream from the video camera to some iPhone application). Could you help me with bellow things:

  1. How to configure imp005 as access point? (API etc)
  2. What is the APIs for connection/disconnection etc events in the case
  3. What is the APIs for USB (info & data)?

Some examples will be very helpful in the cases.

Thanks a lot,

  1. It’s not currently possible to use an imp005 as an access point - it communicates with the impCloud via WiFi, but not with local WiFi devices other than the router/access point to which it’s connected.
  2. Check out
  3. The USB API is here: