Multiple IMPs for one web page


I have a web page making a http request to my IMP agent, the IMP URL is hard coded in my web app, I’m thinking about what would be the best way to implement some code that will handle multiple IMP cards that will be getting http request from the same web page, so instead of having the IMP URL hard coded it could be a variable which value is taken from a cookie or a database in the server. Also, it would be best if the user doesn’t have to type their IMP URL. Could some code be ran at the time that blink up is running to automatically populate a database or cookie with the IMP URL and user/passwd?
Any ideas on what is the best way to implement it?
Thank you

I think this is good practice. I use localstorage to hold the url. To be honest I am not sure what mechanism this is - seems to be handled by Java?

I enter the URL to a text box on the web page. Each new web browser and each device will be inactive until I type in the URL. Of course the upside as you know is that the URL is then not public.

I also use htaccess on my web page so the web page is only available to me.

Furthermore, I use a query string in the URL to indicate which imp device I am talking to. This way I can bookmark specific ones in my browser instead of just the general page.

Thank you for your response mjkuwp94