Multiple impees and field deployment

I have a few questions about deploying multiple impees at different client sites.

Let’s say for example, I develop several different programs, on different impees, but all configured through my home wifi network and development environment. Once they are delivered to the various clients, they obviously have to re-blink them to get the imp onto their own networks, but what happens in terms of code download, planner configs, and my development environment?

Once I’ve delivered the impees, is the imp at the client site accessing my account? Does this mean I could update or change it at any time, and effectively control their device remotely? I hope not.

What about the planner? Once I’ve delivered the impees, the nodes are still obviously in my planner. How do I go about cleaning this up? I no longer have possession of the hardware, so there’s no point in me having impees I don’t want floating around in the planner.

A possible solution is if the client creates their own development account (or I setup one for them), then I copy and paste the code from my setup into their environment. If this is the case, how do I go about copying/saving the planner configuration? Or do I have to re-create it from scratch?

And lastly, if I setup an account for the client, using the same imp and impee I used during the development, when the IMP powers up, how does it know which account to access? The clients, or mine, since both will have the same MAC and crypto IDs associated with them?


The commercial deployment system is totally different; you build your own app using our blinkup libraries, and the user never needs to see the imp website, planner, etc. There is no concept of a planner, just imps and agents - with the agents providing HTTP I/O for the imps.

Contact for more info on this.

If you’re trying to deploy with developer imps, it is messy - and not intended for this. On your last question, if you set up an account for a client, the imp will connect to the account it was blinked up for. The imp determines the account - the same device ID can exist in multiple accounts, but they won’t see each other or leak data.

Thanks for that Hugo. I’ve sent an email for more info.