Multi Tasking

Does Squirrel support any king of multi-tasking / concurrency?

Also, anyone know why Squirrel was developed for imp versus using Arduino’s “Processing” language or something else that already existed? I don’t suppose there’s any kind of cross-compiler for Processing <-> Squirrel?

There is no concurrency in Squirrel as implemented on the Imp – but the Imp’s event-driven API means that there’s usually no need for it.

Squirrel did exist prior to the Imp – we didn’t invent it, though we may now be the highest-profile user of it. The original author of Squirrel has, I have to say, been superbly helpful to us during the integration process.

I don’t know of any Arduino to Imp translators, though such a thing ought to be possible: both languages are C-like and have broadly similar functionality. I do know that several people on these forums have manually translated Arduino programs to Imp programs; perhaps people could pitch in to this thread with any particular problems they encountered while doing so?