Multi-file projects / libraries

Any plans to include either multi-file projects or libraries? i am planning some bigger projects where having everything stuffed into a single file would make it very hard to find things.


Not on the online IDE, no, but with the API to get/put code you can always build a single imp source file under your local script control.

IDE API? havent seen any reference to that before

Yes, it’s new by popular demand :slight_smile:

what is this ide api magic you speak of? is this already out or planned for release? my search bar isnt working

It’s in testing with a few customers right now, but not generally released yet.

would love to have some sneak access to that if possible :slight_smile: would also allow me to write something like a pre-processor for my #define question.


Me too.
I’m looking at a new nut, however with the 3 IMP001 and 1 IMP002 the IDE interface is very confused.
I’m writing a new simple nut for an IMP001 testing the interrupt/pulse counting and its not intuitive how to disconnect the current nut from the IMP001 and start a new nut.
I’ve first labourously copied the current files through highlight and copy to an editor, saved it as a backup on my disk. Now how do I disconnect this nut and start a new nut.
Hmm -:slight_smile:
I’ve been delaying doing this project, hopeing the new interface will come out :slight_smile: so would really be nice to have some visibility :slight_smile:

To start a new one, click the cog next to the impee in question (not the model), and then click the associated model drop down. Then, instead of picking a new model, type a new name in. This creates the new model and associates that device with it.

Ok I see it now.
I did it the long way round today so will try it that way next time.

Hugo - possible to get access to the IDE API for get/put code you mentioned?

Not right now; we’re working on making it a bit more elegant/comprehensive - the one that we have now was made in a hurry :slight_smile:

Hugo, i was thinking of implementing multi-files functionality myself via http.get & compilestring(), but realized that compilestring() is not supported in the Imp. Is it architectural decision or restriction of the current implementation?

It’s technically possible on the agent side, but disabled for security reasons. On the device we build without the compiler to save RAM.

Hugo, is it possible to get testing access to the IDE with get/put API for code?

I’m afraid it’s not got to the top of our list yet. As I noted, what we have right now isn’t really suitable for general widespread use. It’ll come!