MPR121 connecting to the Imp

Looking for a point in the right direction in hooking up the MPR121 Breakout from Sparkfun to the Electric Imp. I am currently powering the the MPR121 with Sparkfun’s red board, was trying to implement a way to log the various touch responses via the internet. A step in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Warmest regards,

Looking at the Arduino hookup, it appears like it is 9600 baud serial, so you’ll be using Imp pins 1,2 or 5,7 (UART). Also looks like there is an interrupt connected to an input pin that tells the Imp that a sensor was touched and to begin reading the serial input. Voltage supply is already set for 3.3V, so you’re OK for that.

Your first step is to get the imp/MPR121 wiring complete and get the Imp to read the sensor. When that is working, you’ll have the agent report the sensor status to a website, or whatever you’re doing online.

Keep in mind that all of this will not be “instant”. You might end-up with a one second delay between touching a sensor and seeing it appear on a web page. If you’re expecting to create a fast application like a game or piano or something, this might not be the way to do it.

Thank you for the prompt response much appreciated, I will give it try and report back.