Moving imp to another API account

I don’t know hoe to move registered imp to another account.
This mean that I have several impees registered to my account but now I need to give some of them to my students and they must create their own accounts to go on with their projects.
I try to do that but without success.
Is there some method to do that - use other WiFi, reset AMD chip or other?

Only imps, not impees, belong to accounts. If a student uses BlinkUp to register an imp to their own account, and put it in an impee, then that impee appears in their account. But if you put one of your imps in the same impee, it would appear on your account instead.


That is, it will still be listed under both accounts. But it will appear online in the account of the imp currently in it, and offline in any other account it may be listed under.


@peter, Many thanks!
I use April boards to explain electric imp idea at all.

A related question - using the IMP002 module, is it possible to move the Imp to another account. I have built a number of boards using the imp002 module and use blinkup to test them. Once tested I want to move them to the final user’s account. Is that possible?

Yep, the imp002 can be moved account to account with blinkup just like imp001. The behavior is just as Peter notes - it’ll be listed under both accounts but only online on the current one.