Moving a device from one account to another

I have the electric imp wireless sensor kit which I set up and used when I was an employee at Twilio. After leaving Twilio I did not disconnect my device from that account (Twilio email). For all I know that application is still running. I now want to use this device for another project in a newly created imp account. However, the blink process does not work and I can not “clear a devices settings”. Does anyone have a recommendation on possibly hard resetting the device so I can connect it to my new account?

When I power my device on it blinks red, then orange, then green for about 60s.

You should be able to blinkup a developer imp to a different account, with or without clearing the device settings first. There are some troubleshooting tips for blinkup on the following page.

Try to shield the phone and imp from too much background light. The red/orange/green lights should go out when the imp sees the blinkup signal starting, and there should then be a long green indication at the end of blinkup as confirmation. If you manage to clear the existing device settings then you should see a blinking orange pattern.

If you’re still having problems then DM the mac address and I’ll check you have a developer imp.

I was able to clear devices setting, now I get an orange/amber flashing light. Blink up still fails and I do not get any red or green flashing. Just the orange.

Curious to know how to trouble shoot this. I will DM MAC address, thank you for helping.

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