Move production device group between products

Is it possible to move a production device group (and their devices) to another product which we own?

It’s not currently possible, but it’s in our backlog – there are issues regarding data consistency, since we didn’t originally design the system for this use case.

To help focus the effort – is this merging products (i.e., taking all groups from one product and moving them to another product), or really just moving a single group? What would you expect to happen to the factoryfixture feeding into the production group, if you move the production group from product A to product B?

This is just moving a single group, was more a mistake our side and now we are more familiar with the ImpCentral structure I’d like to clean things up a bit.

We are no longer feeding new products into that group and have no factory fixtures associated with it. But I imagine the factory fixture would need to move with the group if that moves.

If you’d like to file a support request, we can track the issue there – it seems relatively clear (no promises, however) that this is something we’d like to provide, but it may be a bit before it shows up. Alternately I’ll try and remember to update this post when or if the work is completed.