Mood of Twitter

Currently have an impee forced into a mood ball that scrapes twitter for various keywords and based on the mood ring table glows depending on what the “mood” of twitter is. Also has the watchdog that reboots and downloads the status so the mood is persistant between boots. Tesco mood ball, £5 with a USB power cable, 3 Red, 3 Green and 3 blue leds and the moodball as well, christmas bonus for hackers!

Built with a LiPo battery so its wire free, sparkfun lipo charger/USB power board so it can be charged or left on its own

Got any pics? Going to the UK shortly and this “mood ball” of which you speak sounds worth getting for a fiver :slight_smile:

Hi, well you want to buy lots, LOL. I’ve got half a dozen now, also using one for a build lamp for our GIT deployments.

I’ve got pics and links :

when are you over? there is a Meetup, all about the internet of things

Ack, I’m over next week but will be back in the us on the 18th. Possibly some of the guys from the UK office might go visit the IoT meeting though…

There are 2 speaking slots left could you let the rest of POMS know if e.imp will be there as would be interesting to see if Lhings (Another speaker) could be integrated with the imp.


I’ll see if any of the UK guys want to go to the meetup… it definitely can’t be me, but then you’re likely saved from having your hind legs talked off :wink:

but then you’re likely saved from having your hind legs talked off
Arr would have been the best “leg sheering” experience though…

Love it, AJAX_Jones! Checked out the website and noticed the code wasn’t uploaded at the moment. Any update plans? My first imp is coming in the mail and I would love to peruse your code before jumping on in. Regardless, well done. :slight_smile:

Very nice project, I would like to do something similar with a LED strip.
As asked by jrook85, any plan to update the website with code & links?