Modifying Blink-O-Matic to get data from HTTP IN

I’m trying to modify the Blink-O-Matic sample code to read its inputs from the HTTP IN vs. simply alternating state.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to link up the HTTP IN Node with my code.  Can anybody provide some sample code how to do this?

I realize I need to define that somehow to accept values from the HTTP IN, I just don’t know how to :frowning:

Nevermind, we got it working :slight_smile:

Hi zanderx, could you describe how you got it working?

Our problem was noodleing the HTTP IN to the imp (April). We are currently making (and almost done wiring) a coffee pot that you can turn on, off and start the brew with the imp from a simple web page from your iPhone or any smart phone. Just a simple start to this awesome imp

Pics please! :slight_smile:

Ok, so I’m slow with the whole web thing, and I guess everyone knows this, but you can take the URL on the HTTP IN block and append “&value=x” works well for me to send a simple value just by loading that URL. I suppose this is doing an HTTP GET which may get deprecated but it works right now  :)
One thing where a GET could be used is to query the sateof things.
I can’t see away of doing this at the moment.You can use a POST to change state of an IMP from a web page.
But  you cant  use an HTTP POST to send state to a HTML page/app. 
So I will have to post Imp state to an eternal DB to be able query it.

Any plans to support HTLM5 Web Sockets?
As this would provide a full-duplex communication channel for event driven web apps.

its done and will post pics and video tomorrow, on to our next idea!

Looking forward to it, Zandr!

An HTML5 EventSource vimp would be totally awesome.

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