Modbus read callback

I am using this modbus master RTU library

// Read from a single coil, MODBUSRTU_TARGET_TYPE.COIL, 0x0001, 1, function(error, result) {
  if (error) {
  } else {

How can I pass an additional argument to the callback “function(error, result)” ?

Not Modbus specific, so apologies if I’m answering the wrong question, but if you generally want to pass additional context to a squirrel callback you can wrap the context in a class and then bindenv the function to an instance of that class, e.g.:

class Context {
    _context = null;
    constructor(context) { _context = context; }
    function context() { return _context; }

function callbackWithContext(context) {
    imp.wakeup(0, function() {
        server.log("additional argument = " + this.context());


Phil’s solution is a great generic approach. For the Modbus lib in particular, the callback parameters are defined by the library itself. Look for _callbackHander() in ModbusSerialMaster.device.lib.nut, which triggers the callback you supply in the line you quote and passes in values for error and result.

You can add to a third param to the function you pass into, but you’ll need to provide a default parameter value, or you’ll get an wrong number of parameters error when the callback is executed: _callbackHander() hasn’t passed in a value. Soemthing like:

function dataLog(m) {

local myData = "This is my extra data";, MODBUSRTU_TARGET_TYPE.COIL, 0x0001, 1, function(err, result, userData = myData) {
    if (err) {
    } else {

    // Do something with the userData

Alternatively, you can subclass ModbusSerialMaster ( class ModbusSerialMasterAlt extends ModbusSerialMaster { ... }) which just overrides _callbackHander() to pass an extra param into the callback? Could get messy, though, depending on what else calls that function.

Thank you for help @phil , @smittytone .

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