Minor issue: LED error codes are confusing after blinkup

  I often confused the LED codes after a successful blink up with the LED codes for a failed blink up.  Myself and I believe others at the hackathon thought that blinkup was failing when it was actually working.
  Why the confusion?  A success is a single Green blink which is often missed because your thumb is covering the card as you hold it to the phone's screen.  Success is then followed by Join WiFi which is Red and then connect to cloud which is red/orange which are easily confused with the blinkup failure code of a fast red blink.  (LED codes from wiki included below for reference)

  Keep the blinkup success code going for 3 or more seconds before looking to join WiFi.   The blinkup config is not a time critical step in any scenario I can think of.

From: http://devwiki.electricimp.com/doku.php?id=ledcodes
Colour Speed Meaning
Green Fast Successfully received command from Blinkup
Red Fast Failed to receive command from Blinkup
Orange Slow No WiFi settings, run Blinkup
Red Slow Attempting to join WiFi
Red / Orange Slow Connecting to cloud service
Green Very Slow Connected to the cloud (discontinues after 60 seconds)
Red Fast Connection lost, attempting to reconnect
Green On (not flashing) Firmware upgrade in progress, please do not unplug your imp until finished
None Normal operation

Noted, thanks.