Minor issue: iOS blinkup app does not see AirPort Extreme -guest network


  I have an AirPort Extreme with a primary (SSID=Stormreaver) and a guest (SSID=Stromreaver-guest) network.  The wirless network is also extended to a Time Capsule
  Observed: The iOS app only lists Stormreaver as an available network.  When I select Other Network… and manually enter Stormreaver-guest it connects as expected.
  Expected behavior:  Both Stormreaver and Stormreaver-guest show up in the iOS blinkup app list.

Software Version: iOS app installed from Eric’s machine (not from app store)
Hardware Version: Imp Developer Edition installed in April board. 
Reproducibility: Tried only once.  Now Stormreaver-guest is saved in the list (but is black, not blue text).

For a second I thought the iOS app got to store … We need it asap since not too much android phones are working with commissioning. 

You should check the ipad wireless setting and see if the second ssid is visible there - sometimes I got this issue on my ipad and I had three reasons till now: 
- the network is hidden
- probably a bug somewhere on ios since after the ipad was restarted the networks were shown as they should.
- the not visible network was already added with a wrong password (or changed one meantime) and I had to enter manually the good one

Brown - We feel your pain and are still waiting in the approval process.  We loaded the app for some folks during this weekend’s hackathon but we are not distributing them til we get approval :(.

Duppy - I assume you’ve previously entered and saved Stormreaver-guest as network option?  If you haven’t then it won’t show up as an option until you add it.  Available networks must be added manually; not thru scanning.




The app does not scan for available networks - the blue one in the app is just the network the phone is connected to, as this is usually the one the user will want to use.

Is there any way you can send me an adhoc copy and a prov profile?  :)

I second bikr comment: what about an adhoc copy and a prov profile, at least while the app is not available in the appstore?  At least we could start playing with the imps… :slight_smile:

I see this as a valuable lesson in the Google vs Apple approach to customers :slight_smile:

If you have access to a Windows PC I hope to have something that might help soon.

Fen Consultants, UK