Messed up Imps

Today I noticed something strange happening.

I have two imps, two April boards.
Both imps are in my IDE as their own device and each has their own Agent HTTPS.
They are both online at my house and both running different things.

All of a sudden neither work. In fact, if I do things on one of them, the other one does things. It’s like they are interfering with each other. This wasn’t happening yesterday.

Is there a problem with the server all of a sudden?

Inbound HTTP issues seen with agents from 23:15 UTC. We are looking into the issue and will post when resolved.

OK …
I’m relieved to know it wasn’t my scripts. It was stressing me out. I understand issues with Imp servers and such … it’s just part of developing a new product.

It looks like like it was an intermittent issue - not all agents were affected, and not all agents that were affected were affected the entire time. All issues were resolved by 23:50UTC