MessageManager released

Hello All,

We just announced recent release of MessageManager, a significant improvement over Bullwinkle, its predecessor:

The library is designed for asynchronous bi-directional communication between devices and their cloud-hosted agents. Please feel free to use MessageManager in your projects. Any feedback is very much appreciated.


Just tried out example given at bottom of page. The agent response (i.e. server.log("message received: " + data):wink: was not quite what I was expecting in that it spits out a table rather than just the counter value, as you would get if using agent.send method from device side. Maybe a silly question but what’s the cleanest way of grabbing the actual value on the agent side when getting data from “mm.on”.

UPDATE: ok a bit of testing, using foreach(key,value in data), revealed the answer… use… sorry with data flooding at me every second from example I missed seeing the answer before posting original message.

Maybe as a suggestion for documentation purposes it would be worthing noting what’s contained in this table.