Max operation voltage of the Imp 002

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We need some help we ordered 200 boards from a company in China and with 200 imp002 modules attached. The first batch of 20 were good but the 200 that followed have one major flaw. The voltage 3.3v regulator (TPS62172DSGR) got replaced with the 5v version. I see from the spec sheet the max operation voltage is 3.6V but can anybody tell me would it be safe to proceed with the 5 volt regulator for the 200 or should we rework the boards to have the 3.3v ?

All advice welcome, Thanks in advance.

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MicroEnergyMonitor .

You should rework this. 5v will fry the imps, possibly within a fraction of a second of power up.

Hey Hugo,

Thanks for the advice, we ordered the replacement parts and we will replace the regulators on each of the boards.

Again thanks for the help.

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