Mastering imp.wakeup()

I’ve noticed in the forums and elsewhere that some new imp users can get a little confused about how the imp.wakeup() API call works - and why it’s a more than just the imp’s alternative to Arduino’s loop(). So I wrote what I hope is a guide that makes the call’s raison d’etre and usage clear.

Check out Looping the loop: mastering imp.wakeup().

They are all in the dev center:

Although having a sticky with some resources might not be a bad idea.. 

I’d really appreciate a similar tutorial for the use of generators in squirrel. Peter wrote some stuff a few weeks back in the forum, but I haven’t been able to get anything useful working with it yet. In some situations, generators offer a useful alternative for loops.

I know it is redundant, but might I suggest a sticky thread for these guides? They are extremely well written and helpful.

I’m currently looking at generators for another article, @coverdriven, but I think a piece on them specifically is a great idea. Thanks - I’ll add it to my list.