Marked increase in disconnections

Has there been anything happening over the past couple of days that could have contributed to a big increase in imp disconnections? Our devices are permanently connected and I monitor the tally of disconnects/reconnects of devices. It usually sits at an acceptable level, but has jumped 4-fold over the past 3 days. Is the Internet straining under the weight of everyone tracking the delivery of their presents?

Nothing noticeable changed en-masse over the last 3 days from our point of view (ie the number of connects is following the same rhythm that it usually does).

Looking at the last 30 days, there are more developer device boots since around the 10th, but that can often just be a developer with quite a few devices changing a polling interval for example.

Possible there’s a policy change on traffic escaping from NZ?

Have narrowed it down to one client, causing grief to all of the imps at their sites. It must be a local IT issue.

Let us know if you need any assistance in debugging!